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Codegestalt is a small family of design and technology enthusiasts from Basel in Switzerland. We believe that the only way to do great work is to be passionate about it. Our biggest passion lies in connecting and helping people through technology by creating beautiful Web-based software using Ruby on Rails.
Currently we are working on internal projects, but are also available for consulting work.

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Roland Strub

Head of Publishing, ProgrammZeitung Verlags AG

Roland strub
In a world full of needless functions it is refreshing to work with people who like to solve problems by reducing them step by step. In the end they build smart and easy to use solutions. And the best: they look great too!

Nadja Hauser

Selbständige Eventmanagerin und Produzentin

Nadja hauser
Wenn einem jemand den Laptop kurzerhand einfach mal aufschraubt und das Problem innert Sekunden behebt dann ist dieser jemand für mich ein echter Könner! Codegestalt ist wärmstens zu empfehlen!

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