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When do I need the Posture Coach app?

Posture Coach is meant to loosen up your body when you're working in an office for long hours without moving an inch. Our bodies were made to move, so it makes sense to get up and do a few exercises every now and then.

What kind of equipment do I need?

There are some exercises for which you won't require any equipment, but for the majority of the exercises you will need a Foam Roller, a massage or lacrosse ball, some kind of bar where you can hang from and an exercise band which can all be cheaply found.

Is this meant for massage work or physical exercise?

It's meant for both. If you're working long hours in a specific position (e.g. sitting) muscles tend to tighten up. That's why it's important to massage, stretch and strengthen those neglected muscles.

Are you doctors or chiropractors?

No, we are not! You should consult your physician before doing any of these exercises.

Also please check our medical disclaimer here.

How often should I do those exercises?

The app is designed in a way to use it throughout the day. If you can, keep it always open when you're using your device.

Is this better than personal training or a massage?

No! This is just meant to loosen up your body when you're working. Chances are that you sit at your computer for serveral hours, so it makes sense to move your body from time to time.

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