We design and develop solutions to problems we care about.

When you’ve got a design problem, you need help from a designer. Someone who is commited to understanding the problem and to finding the right solution. After that you need a programmer who puts the design to work and builds the final solution to the problem, step-by-step. We can help you with both!

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Online appointment booking software that helps businesses book group and 1:1 appointments with new leads or existing customers.

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Coding Bootcamp

Master 21

Master21 offers Switzerland’s first coding bootcamps. Learn how to code in a community that is hands-on, engaging and fun.

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A place where inspirational workspaces meet stories about focus, ergonomics and self improvement.

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Client Project

Food on Record

We believe that the right diet is essential to a good life. That's why we helped our friends at Food on Record to make it easy for you to get expert advice on nutrition, health and food.

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Client Project

Budo Sport center

Together with the Budo Sport Center team we developed their new online presence with a focus on service first. Our main goal was to develop a solution which converts web page visitors to potential customers who attend a trial lesson on site.

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Helps over 400 teachers in 4 Swiss-cantons to create school curriculums fast, easy and in compliance with government guidelines.

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Rails Girls Switzerland

is a non-profit association with the aim to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. We help to organize workshops in Switzerland.

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About us.

Daniel Puglisi


Rodrigo Haenggi


We love great design and making it work with code. If you work with us, you’ll get to see, experience and own the results of that passion. Focusing on things that won't change is the most important thing to us. Technologies go out of style as fast as they come, but things like simplicity, fun and ease of use are timeless factors. We will always cut the bullshit, get straight to the point and try to help you in the best way we possibly can.

The name Codegestalt is a combination of the word “code” and the “gestalt” psychology-school, which tries to understand the laws of our ability to acquire and maintain meaningful perceptions in an apparently chaotic world.

In a world full of needless functions it is refreshing to work with people who like to solve problems by reducing them step by step. In the end they build smart and easy to use solutions. And the best: they look great too!

– Roland Strub, Head of Publishing at ProgrammZeitung

Zuverlässige, geduldige Partner, auch wenn's mal drunter und drüber geht.

– Dr. Brigitta Gerber, Toleranzkultur und Kantonsparlamentarierin

Die beiden Köpfe von Codegestalt bringen das richtige Werkzeug und eine gehörige Portion Neugier mit, um Ideen & Projekte kreativ und schnell umzusetzen.

– Esther Petsche, Grafikdesign

Die konstruktive Zusammenarbeit und innovativen Ideen sowie die stets prompte und zuverlässige Ausführung machen die Zusammenarbeit mit Codegestalt so interessant und angenehm. Und vor allem macht das Endprodukt einfach Freude!

– Pia Rothen, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

Wenn einem jemand den Laptop kurzerhand einfach mal aufschraubt und das Problem innert Sekunden behebt dann ist dieser jemand für mich ein echter Könner! Codegestalt ist wärmstens zu empfehlen!

– Nadja Hauser, Eventmanagerin und Produzentin